A point about nostalgia

For the last 10 months I have been enjoying the wonderful experience of raising a small human being – my son. Besides all the other joys of fatherhood, raising a child allows me to observe human behaviors at their most basic stage of development. This sometimes allows me to make conclusions about those behaviors that would […]

Liftoff League 2 – alpha demo

If you like intense racing games with focus on skill and believe that breaking during a race is for wusses, or would just like to try how does it feel to race using your mouse as a controller then you must try your hand at flying rockets in Liftoff League 2 which has just reached the […]


I am going into an indefinite hiatus. About a year and a half ago I have decided to put my hobby game making activities a bit more into the spotlight. You might have noticed in the last two months both those activities and the promotional efforts have largely stopped. The reason is my newborn baby […]

Rocket Riders Prototype

Anyone wants to test a very early game prototype? Still with me? OK. Let me give you basic instructions, since it is too early for a tutorial. The prototype is called „Rocket Riders” and in this prototype you… well, ride a rocket around a closed circuit. The first rub is that you control the rocket […]

Weekly Update

This week my work on The Underground Guild has been mostly about improving the path finding routines and searching for fun through level design. I am indeed starting to find some moments of fun. Namely, I have found that trying to deduce where the pack of rats is running and to intercept them on the […]

The Underground Guild – Pathfinding and Avoidance

This week I have decided to show you a short clip demonstrating more advanced rat behavior in the game. Many gameplay elements can be seen in it if one looks close enough – how the rats avoid the player’s characters, how when pursued long enough they panic and start escaping towards the rat hole, how […]

The Lack of Quality Control and the Race to the Bottom

With the recent attempts by Steam to include in their catalog every game that has ever been published we have heard many voices calling for an introduction of some sort of quality control. Those voices are mostly motivated by the care for the customers, who get cheated out of their money by developers selling barely […]

The Underground Guild Update

This week I do not have new features to show off on screenshots – or rather I do, but they require longer screen grabs to show off and those take long time to prepare. I plan to do them for the next Screenshot Saturday. During the last week I have been integrating the A* Pathfinding […]

The Choice Oriented Design

Continuing from the last post on the subject, I will now explain the individual rules. Starting with the first one: The choices made by the player are the atoms of the gameplay. There is no gameplay without choices. The goal of game design is to make these choices interesting. I mean this in a very […]

The Underground Guild – First Gameplay Snapshots

The time has come to show first snapshots of gameplay from The Underground Guild and reveal what is the twist of its gameplay. So, without further ado. And a little bit more… The game puts the player in a role of a rat catcher in a medieval fantasy city. What? You think this is not […]