My Thirteen Rules of Game Design

People frequently ask me „Tomek, how do you create such innovative gameplays?”. Well, not really, but I wish they were. So, to establish my game designer cred I wrote down my thirteen rules of game design. The choices made by the player are the atoms of the gameplay. There is no gameplay without choices. The […]

10 Tips for Moonlighting Developers

As you may or may not know, I have a full time job developing games at QLOC and at the same time I try to develop indie games on the side. This is hard and seeing how much reaction my recent tweet on the subject received, I am not alone in this predicament. Let me clarify, 20 […]

The Underground Guild

This is an informal announcement of my new project The Underground Guild. The Underground Guild is a tactical game with a twist, set in a comic fantasy setting, with stick figure art style inspired by The Order of the Stick webcomic. Right now the game is in an early prototyping phase and I hope to […]

When 48h game jams are not enough

It’s high time to write something about my personal efforts that I hope will be of some use to other aspiring indie developers. What I am going to write today is probably not rocket science, but it’s still something I wish someone told me earlier: When you have a day job, going beyond weekend game jams […]

Rainbow Rangers postmortem

The results of Bacon Game Jam are up, so it’s time for a quick summary of what went well, what not so well with Rainbow Rangers. The good: I’m quite glad about the level of polish, at least code wise; it was the first time I did a game with a large isometric map in […]

Rainbow Rangers – Bacon Game Jam #6 entry

Rainbow Rangers is a game about a group of masked gay superheroes defending a gay club from homophobes by kissing in public. Yes, you read that right. If you are wondering what was the theme of the Bacon Game Jam, it was „rainbows”. What’s the connection? Well, obviously rainbow is a symbol of the LGBT […]

My Little Robo – Ludum Dare #26 entry

I took part in Ludum Dare #26 game making compo. It is a contest in which you have to make a game, on your own, in 48 hours, using provided theme. Theme this time was „minimalism” and my entry was My Little Robo – a physics puzzle exploring the gameplay effects of  using minimalistic movement […]