The Underground Guild

This is an informal announcement of my new project The Underground Guild. The Underground Guild is a tactical game with a twist, set in a comic fantasy setting, with stick figure art style inspired by The Order of the Stick webcomic. Right now the game is in an early prototyping phase and I hope to have playable builds available by late 2014. Updates about the game’s development will be posted on this blog.

Since I am still prototyping the game’s exact mechanics it is a bit too early to talk in details about the gameplay or the twist, but the general style I am aiming for is a lighthearted tactical game with bite sized missions that, while tactically challenging, can be typically finished in 10 to 20 minutes. That way the players will be able to replay the missions to try out different tactics without wasting much time and will not get stressed out about possibly failing a mission. I plan for the game to be somewhat non-linear with player being able to choose which missions he does or does not want to do depending on his strength and weaknesses, but that depends on how complicated the level design turns out to be.

This week I have been focusing on doing some art research, particularly on capturing the OOTS stick figure style. I will of course change the style a bit, so that I am not a total copycat of Richard Burlew, but right now I have created a female protagonist very much in OOTS style, just to see how well it works with the gameplay and the engine. What do you think?

Lead character for The Underground Guild


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