The Underground Guild – First Screenshot and The Challenge of Making It Fun

Today is a grand day, for it is the day I will show you the first screenshot from The Underground Guild.TheUndergroundGuild

Behold, the Hero, the rats and the tile based dungeon. Oh, also the rat hole. The game has been in development for three weeks and it is already playable. I will not reveal anything about the gameplay just yet, but if you think this looks suspiciously like a „bring me ten rat tails” quest, there is something to it. But I promise to make it fun. Speaking of „making it fun”…

The game is currently in a state I call „functional but not fun”. This is a stage in the prototyping process, when you have already put in some of the basic mechanics and you can see them working, and you can see that right now they are not very fun. It is a stage I find particularly difficult and disheartening and I have abandoned many projects at this stage. This happens because, when I am prototyping innovative gameplay mechanics,  at some point I have to decide whether this prototype is fun enough to guarantee spending next few months or years working on it, or should I move on to the next idea. And right now the game is not fun at all, and it makes me constantly wonder, whether this is because there are still not enough features implemented, or is it because the whole idea was bad to begin with, or maybe the game just needs some better level design, or maybe a few animations and sounds would do the trick.

Right now I have identified a few simple mechanics I can implement over the next week that I hope will introduce some fun to this game, so wish me luck!


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