The Underground Guild – First Gameplay Snapshots

The time has come to show first snapshots of gameplay from The Underground Guild and reveal what is the twist of its gameplay. So, without further ado.

The Underground Guild screen grab

And a little bit more…

The Underground Guild screengrab 2

The game puts the player in a role of a rat catcher in a medieval fantasy city. What? You think this is not a job worthy of a hero? Well, so does the heroine, but the job market is tough and the ratcatcher’s guild known as The Underground Guild is the only one with openings.

Now the tactical twist of the game is that, unlike the enemies in a typical strategy game, the rats do not want to be killed – they avoid the player’s team and if startled enough will make a run for the rat holes. This means the player has to employ various hunting techniques – chasing the rats into dead ends, surrounding them, placing traps on the paths to rat holes. To make matters worse, rats are not the only thing that lives in the basements, dungeons and sewers of the city. But that is a story for another time…

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