The Underground Guild Update

This week I do not have new features to show off on screenshots – or rather I do, but they require longer screen grabs to show off and those take long time to prepare. I plan to do them for the next Screenshot Saturday. During the last week I have been integrating the A* Pathfinding Project into the game and I am glad to say that after some initial hurdles the AI is starting to behave like I want it to. Long story short, the rats now can navigate complex mazes and when escaping they try to avoid the characters, even if the characters move around. With the new pathfinding, I feel just watching the rats run around the maze is starting to be fun and I feel with some new additions I have already planned, the gameplay will soon start to come together.

I also have probably found a graphics artist for the project. He is an old friend of mine who, coincidentally, introduced me many years ago to The Order of the Stick webcomic. Our reunion was celebrated with so much beer I am not sure he remembers volunteering for the project – that is why I wrote „probably found”.

What can I say more – it is insanely hot in Warsaw recently. 30 degrees Celsius second week in a row and it is supposed to stay that way for at least the next 2 weeks. As you may imagine, this is not exactly great for my motivation. Neither was working on the pathfinding – I wanted it to do some nonstandard things and this took quite some time to get right – enough to make me wonder whether this project makes sense at all. This made me think that perhaps, as an indie developer, I should do some relatively simple „like X, but” game to get some sort of success under my belt. That would help me power through the periods of doubt that arise whenever I am doing some kind of a bigger feature. Perhaps I will do just that if The Underground Guild does not work out, however, for now, I am sticking to it – so far it is working out pretty well and such a rather unique design is a difficult, but instructive exercise in game design.


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