Rocket Riders Prototype

Anyone wants to test a very early game prototype?

Still with me? OK. Let me give you basic instructions, since it is too early for a tutorial. The prototype is called „Rocket Riders” and in this prototype you… well, ride a rocket around a closed circuit. The first rub is that you control the rocket using the mouse – it always turns towards the mouse cursor and the further the cursor is from the rocket the stronger the rocket’s thrust is. The second rub is that the rocket has no breaks and cannot completely turn off the engine – to slow down you need to turn the rocket around and use the engine in the opposite direction. Think Asteroids.

There are no lap times or AI competitors yet and the graphics is happy programmer’s art. Right now I mostly want to get some feedback on whether you think this vehicle controls and physics make sense. Here is the link, it requires Unity plugin to run: Rocket Riders Prototype

So, what do you think?


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